Monday, June 20, 2011

In F1, and the integration of technology from the company's experience developed in the first official announcement of Ferrari, has described the 458's successor F430, arising from a completely new design. 

458 is 4.5 liters (270 cubic) are provided by the HP 562 (419 kW, 570 PS) cylinders V - 8 derived from the design of Ferrari / Maserati to create 9000 rpm (red line) in the £ 398  and feet (6000 meters in the rpm with a torque of 80% is available in 540 N · 3250 rpm). Engine features direct fuel injection setup for Ferrari's first rear mid-engine cars. 

Transmission standard, 7-speed dual-clutch Getoragu similar to the Ferrari California. Of the options can be traditional handicrafts, and Enzo, and the Stradale challenge, and the fourth car of the road after the Scuderia 430, the gate should be provided in the instruction manual of the classic Ferrari is not. It's not the first time in the prevailing models with manual transmissions are available. 
It is designed to improve the longitudinal acceleration and cornering of the car by 32% compared with the suspension system in the car, which uses the front double wishbone and multi-establishment on the back of E - Dubai International Film Festival F1 - along with traction control system of his predecessor Trac. 
Features include pre-filling the brake by moving the platform in contact with the disk to lift off the brakes have been applied to reduce the delay to piston calipers. This combination of ABS and 32.5 meters (107 feet) distance 100-0 km per hour on the brakes (62-0 mph) has fallen. 
Has been developed to adapt to the magnetic damper Delphi. 
Top speed of 325 km per hour (202 mph) 0-100 km per hour when it was on the official speed (62 miles) of cycle Ferrari fuel consumption (combined (Economic Commission for Europe + EUDC) 13.7 km L/100, 3.4 lower part of the 20.6 mpg second - IMP, 17.2 miles per gallon - the United States), while producing 320g/km CO2. 
Value of the Ferrari car is different from its website, it does not reveal the price of the car, and will say what is the present value of the Ferrari 458 is difficult. As of February 2010, sold the Ferrari 458, and building on the list price of about 40000 ¥ 169 545 pounds. 
Is distorted black airfoil at high speed to create more downforce direct the air towards the engine eating to some extent. 
Was designed by the body as well as another model for Ferrari by Pininfarina. Exterior design has been design and features of 124 miles per hour the car (200 km / h) to generate lower by about 140 km, to achieve aerodynamic efficiency. In particular, the low speed of the front grille features the alternative winglets, in order to provide the minimum of drag. Interior of the car, as well as the design of racing cars, and on the instrument panel and control, in contrast to many features, including integration of a new steering wheel design, from former F1 driver Michael Schumacher of Ferrari was designed with input. 
According to the British car magazine Autocar, 458 designs have gained inspiration from the Ferrari Enzo and Millechili concept car.It is to distinguish itself from the Ferrari California was sold recently, are designed to be a sports car with a V8 engine Ferrari. 
458, and the reputation of Top Gear for the design and performance, the review of 15 seasons. Won the Ferrari F430, drag racing, and quite a margin. The car is also only 0.1 seconds slower than the Ferrari Enzo, which revolves around the Top Gear test track in 1:19.1.