Monday, June 20, 2011

Golf Club

A golf club used in golf, to play golf. Each club is composed of a shaft with a grip and head. Woods is used mainly for long distancefairway or the tee, iron, the most versatile class, is used for a variety of objectives; hybrid combination of woods and irons of the elements of design are becoming increasingly popular, bringingthe volume Use main green ball in the cup. Standards set by the 14golf clubs are usually 3 or 4 wood, 7 or 8 iron, wedge and puttercomposition.

In an important change in different clubs the attic, or in a corner ofthe club face and the vertical plane. This is the attic, so that the trajectory of golf balls left on an incremental, not put up the angle ofthe ball, the swinging horizontal contact with the ball. The impact ofcompression ball clubs, and in front of ball backspin (a clockwise rotation as it will appear when the player swings the ball from a right angle, or counterclockwise when viewed from the perspective of a player's swing left to see). In short, compression and rotationto generate lift. The most woods and irons are marked with numbers, figures higher than the short axis of loft, which gives theball a higher trajectory and shorter.